Strategic Partners


Executive Development Group (EDGP)

The Executive Development Group, LLC is a partnership of consulting psychologists providing executive education, leadership development and coaching to businesses, NGOs and business schools around the globe. We provide executive coaching, curriculum, workshops and feedback to individuals and groups. We are also on the faculties of select business colleges.

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Ideas for Action

Ideas for Action LLC is a management consulting practice driven by a passion to empower the potential of people and organizations.

Founded in 1995 by our President and CEO, Jean S. Frankel, IFA has been providing customized management consulting, strategic planning, governance, leadership development and executive coaching services to organizations in a variety of business sectors, including academic institutions,  trade and professional associations, and other non-profit organizations, foundations and societies.


Making Ideas Visible

At Making Ideas Visible, we’re experts at drawing connections and reaping bold new ideas.

As meeting designers and facilitators, we create engaging meetings that allow for powerful strategic change to emerge through creativity and innovation. Our visual mapping lights the way forward so you can execute your brilliant ideas and forge a new direction, making positive change in the world.

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Work XO

Together, Maddie, Jamie, and Charlie bring 60 years of organizational experience to WorkXO, but the journey that brought them here is anything but typical. Their backgrounds include studying modern art, working in areas of ethnic conflict, leading HR divisions, and changing organizational cultures. They’ve been CEOs, consulted to CEOs, and, when necessary, avoided CEOs. Corporate, nonprofit, government, big, small, local, international—they’ve seen it all.