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Marybeth Fidler

Marybeth is President & co-founder of Cygnet Strategy, LLC.  As a trusted coach, advisor and strategic partner to many executives and boards of national and international as­sociations, societies, and for-profit businesses, she is happiest when helping clients create a powerful environment for discovering what is possible and a powerful group commitment to make it so. 

A top leader since the early 1980’s, Marybeth’s combines her artistry, leadership and business expertise into transformative consultation, design and facilitation of large group processes.

Marybeth is past Executive Director of a 190,000 member charitable organization based in New York City where she was instrumental in strengthening the association's financial health and stability and rebuilding constituent relationships through The Partnership Project, a governance initiative.  She was also volunteer President of a 30,000 member professional association.

She served as Senior Vice President of Commercial Lending and Financial Services at Sovran Bank/DC National in Washington, DC and was a key member of the senior management team that grew the bank from $100 million to $1 billion in 6 years, at which time the bank was sold for three times book value.  After a 6-month sabbatical in France in 1987, she ended her 14-year bank­ing career, declining two bank CEO positions in favor of associa­tion management.

A published poet and artist, Fidler co-authored ASAE's best-selling book, Successful Association Leadership: Dimensions of 21st Century Competency for the CEO, which at one time formed the basis for ASAE’s CEO Invitational Leadership Institute, Future Leaders Conference, and Strategic Leadership Forum.

Fidler is a member of the Future Search Network. She has also served as a Board Member and President of Big Sisters of Washington, Inc., and as a Board Member of the Washington Urban League.