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Work XO

WorkXO is the collaborative effort of Charlie Judy, Maddie Grant, and Jamie Notter, who are committed to doing whatever it takes to upgrade the operating system of this thing we call work.

Together, Maddie, Jamie, and Charlie bring 60 years of organizational experience to WorkXO, but the journey that brought them here is anything but typical. Their backgrounds include studying modern art, working in areas of ethnic conflict, leading HR divisions, and changing organizational cultures. They’ve been CEOs, consulted to CEOs, and, when necessary, avoided CEOs. Corporate, nonprofit, government, big, small, local, international—they’ve seen it all.


The Executive Development Group, LLC is a partnership of consulting psychologists providing executive education, leadership development and coaching to businesses, NGOs and business schools around the globe. We provide executive coaching, curriculum, workshops and feedback to individuals and groups. We are also on the faculties of select business colleges.